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The Sunset® Series plus all of the original high quality Zephyr models are made from heavy .025 hard tempered aluminum costruction. The Zephyr is 70% heavier and stronger than competitive awnings. Permanent finishes are on all Zephyr awnings and custom colors, these finishes will last for years and years to come.

Zephyr Awnings

Zephyr Awnings



During hot summer days this awning will cool your home as much as 12°. The ventilating feature sets up a forced draft circulation that p-u-l-l-s out the hot, still air normally trapped along room celings. Light and air are softly filtered through the awning...heat and glare are reflected.


Screens and window frames are sheltered from rough weather preventing costly rotting. Keeps windows sparkling clean weeks longer. Doorhood helps provide a dry door step for welcoming guests, preventing messy tracking in and protects the door frame.


Costly repairs are done away with and there is no more strenuous putting up and taking down or storage problem

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